Georgia Chef is a foundation that supports the Industry Certification process for Secondary (High School) Programs pursuing Industry Certification through The American Culinary Federation. Support is provided through workshops, Teacher In-service sessions, additional skills training for culinary instructors, on-site visits and conferences with school officials, and information updates.

ACF/GACHEF Certified Programs

  • Allatoona High School
  • Denmark High School
  • Houston County Career Academy
  • Jordan Vocational High School
  • Lambert High School
  • Lanier College and Career Academy
  • Marietta High School
  • Maxwell High School of Technology
  • Miller Grove Exemplary High School   
  • Newton College & Career Academy
  • North Gwinnett High School
  • North Paulding High School
  • Pope High School
  • South Forsyth Exemplary High School   
  • West Forsyth High School
  • William S. Hutchings College and Career Academy
  • Woodville-Tompkins Technical and Career Institute